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*Max. lifiting capacity:
-Steel plate: 2000 kg (4400 lbs), min. thicknees: 55mm (2.16")
-Round steel: 900kgs (1980 Lbs), max. diameter: 550mm (21.6")
-Max. lenght: 3000mm (118")


*Made by "Rare Earth" magnet with technology of improvement
*With light weight, less dimension and lower price
*Made by permanent magnet, no need power supply,avoid the hazards of failure wiring system as electric type
*Powerful magnetic force with 3.5 times safety coefficient makes more safety in use
*Suitable for move plat steel, block steel and round steel, such as machine parts, press moldss, plastic molds and iron material...etc
*With ON/OFF switch

*Dimension: 16.6"(A), 15"(B), 13.7"(C), 20.2"(D), 8.5"(E), 8.5"(F), 4.1"(G), 4.8"(H)
*Weight: 118kgs (259Lbs)