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*House Material: ABS
*Power Source: 2pc CR123A lithium batteries
*Option: rechargeable battery set
*Weight: 110g (excludes battery)
*Accessory: nylon holster


*If you use this device and have Anti-Robbery Strap through your wrist,the electric shock function will be disabled immediately if the device is robbed or taken away by the attacker (because the security pin is pulled out at the same time no matter if the power is turned on or off), and then the siren will the security pin is placed back to position.

*Electric Shock/Siren Alarm/Flashlight
*Size: 45x25x11.5mm
*High Voltage Electric Shock: 100KV
*Siren: 100db high pitch tone
*Focusing Beam Super Bright 3pcs white LEDs
*Patented anti-robbery strap