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*Size/Weight: L110xD22 mm/45g
*Cartridge Volume: 5.35ml
*Capacity: single shot or multiple shots detachable
*Speed of Fluid: about 100 ft/sec
*Dispersing Angle: approx. 11 degree
*Max. Effective Distance: 16Ft
*Trigger Resistance: 2Lbs
*Ignition: mechanical mechanism, pyrotechnic drive
*Material: plastic
*Surface Coating: original plastic color
*Working Temperature: -20~70°C
*Drop Test: over 4Ft
*CH Legal Classification: made under toxic class 3
*Pyrotechnic Drive: longer storage, no power loss and no effect on severe weather conditions

*Package Contents:
*1 Active Unit (one or two shot capacity) with Oleoresin capsicum (OC)
*1 Practice Unit with blue marking for practice shooting
*Safety Instruction and Manual

1 pair/blister pack (1 Active Unit, 1 Practice Unit),
10 packs/inner box, 8 inner boxes/ctn


*The unit is an effective deterrent against any aggressive pursuer in order to avoid harm to you or your loved ones. It can be easily held and operated in either hand. Built-in clip and keyring loop make the unit convenient to carry
*Discharging the unit is accomplished by depressing the safety and sliding the carrying clip backwards with a simple motion of the thumb. This motion triggers a small pyrotechic charge to project the OC agent.
*When fired, the OC agent is projected at 100 feet per second towards the aggressor to effective distance up to 16 feet. This provides you a large safe zone not afforded by other pepper spray devices. At 16 feet, the bulk of the OC agent spreads into roughly a 16" by 36" vertical oval pattern providing dense coverage on the target.

*One-Time-Use Powerful Device: Small, Light and Compact
*Non-Lethal Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) in Cartridge can be triggered, fired and projected towards the target at 100 ft/sec with high penetration and the effective range is up to 16ft
*Incapacitates any offensive people or animal up to 30 minutes
*Works in wind & rain