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*Tunnel Dimension:
-20x60 cm (WxH) Sensitivity: 1.5mmFe
-15x60 cm (WxH) Sensitivity: 1.2mmFe
-10x60 cm (WxH) Sensitivity: 1.0mmFe
*Conveyer Speed: 35M/minute
*Power: 110V/220V single phase


*On detecting any of the metal objects, the machine will automatically emit an alarm signal and stop the conveyer belt, and one of eight red indicators
*Lights will go on to indicate the location of the foreign object, enabling the Inspector to find and extract

*With its microprocessor & highly sensitive detection capability, it can rapidly and accurately detect needles, hooks, ferrous fragments and other sharp objects hidden inside of clothing, foodstuff, shoes, socks, rubber¡Ketc
*CE approval