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*Sensor: cell
*Response Time: 20 sec
*Warm-up Time: 5 sec
*Automatic Resume Time: 2 mins
*Conditions: -10-50°C (working), -20-70°C(storage)
*Detection Scale: 0-0.200% BAC
*Readout Accuracy: ±0.005% BAC
*Indication: LCD, 4-digit readout
*Communication: RF or RS232 signal
*Size: 129x83x31mm
*Weight:200g (including batteries)
*Battery: 2xAA NiMH2000mah (can be operate 500 times)
*DC Power: 12VDC (standard car cigarette lighter)


*HC0501-015 Alcohol Tester is portable breathalyzer, It adopts new alcohol cell sensor, which has high reliability and accuracy, at the same time resistant to smoke, cola or other nonalcoholic contents. It is with impact size, is easy to operate, more suitable for personal self checking.

*High accuracy with cell sensor, 4-digit readout
*2000 records memory, available with printer print out
*Low power consumption
*Manual readout shift
*Automatic recording
*Connect with printer
*Disposable mouthpiece