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*Power: 100VAC~240VAC 50/60Hz
*Vacuum Motor Power: 650W
*Heater Power: 1100W
*Low voltage accessories connection: from 5~until 12 V
*Total power: 1,400W
*High Pressure Steam:
*Boiler material:  Stainless
*Steam pressure at Boiler: 3.8 kg/cm2 ~ 4.0 kg/cm2
*Steam pressure at Handle: 3.6 kg/cm2 ~ 3.8kg/cm2
*Steam temperature at the boiler: 150°C~160°C
*Steam temperature at the Handle: 95°C~100°C
*Heating stand by time Warm up time: 3~5 minutes
*Steam Max: 80~100 g/minutes
*Regulation Of The Steam Flow: adjustment
*Heating Working Time: Continuous Steam 45 minutes
*Water Capacity Boiler: 1300cc auto Water feeding
*Water Capacity Tank: 700cc
*Box Capacity: 10L Dry & Wet
*Water Capacity Detergent: 500 cc

Strong Vacuum Dry & Wet:
*Vacuum motor power: 650W
*Vacuum motor Speed: 24,000 rpm
*Vacuum Power:  21 KPA
*Regulation Of The Vacuum Flow: adjustment
*Vacuum Noise: 80 db

Detergent Sprayer:
*Detergent Sprayer work time :60 seconds
*Detergent Sprayer Power: 533 cc/minutes 9 cc/ second
*Detergent Sprayer Stock: 75 mm

Accessories: (total 14pcs)

1-Handle with flexible pipe current clutch
2-Multi-function brush
2A-Attachment for liquid vacuum
2B-Attachment for carpets
2C-Universal attachment
3-Glass squeegee 250mm
4-Small multi function brush 150mm
4A-Glass squeegee 150mm
4B-Bristle brush
4-Steam gun with vacuum
5A-Small round brush
5B-Vacuum nozzle 80mm
5C-Corner vacuum extension
6-Extensions for flexible pipe

*High Pressure Steam
*Strong Vacuum Dry & Wet
*Strong Air Blow
*Detergent Sprayer